Massachusetts’ history runs deep, in all aspects of life. From some of the nation’s most historic colleges, oldest restaurants and original professional athletic teams. In addition to being proud of our state’s history, Massachusetts residents are also proud of their unique personal heritage.

The city of Boston has deep roots in both the Irish and Italian communities with nearly 20% of the state’s population claiming Irish ancestry, followed by approximately 12% of the population coming from Italian heritage. English, French, German and Polish round out the top six countries of origin for Massachusetts residents.

With such a mix of heritage and history, it got us wondering what the most common surnames in Massachusetts are. With just under 7 million residents, there is certainly a wide variety of names, but some are more common than others. We expected the list to be top-heavy with surnames of Irish origin, but the list of the top 25, according to Ancestors, is rather eclectic. Got you off the list?

Surname Number of people with that name

1 Sullivan 24,964
2 Johnson 23 404
3 Brown 22,700
4 Murphy 20 129
5 Williams 16,876
6 Other Sun 14,293
7 White 14 195
8 Martin 13,583
9 Davis 13,548
10 McCarthy 13 217
11 Miller 12,922
12 Jones 12,869
13 Lee 12,703
14 Silva 12,695
15 Walsh 12,591
16 Clark 10,873
17 Rodriguez 10,622
18 Kelly 10,385
19 Burke 10,055
20 Collins 9,936
21 Ryan 9,900
22 Wilson 9,846
23 Taylor 9,505
24 They opened 9 288
25 King 9,100

The most common last name in the United States is Smith, which didn’t even crack the top 25 for Massachusetts.

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