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Because of all the fresh summer produce available at the grocery store or farmers markets, it’s common to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on your counters after a run. However, if you do, you may have encountered tiny, tiny pests – called fruit flies – feasting on your produce. Here are three interesting facts about fruit flies:

#1: These pests breed and reproduce extremely quickly.

#2: Their life cycle is only eight days long.

#3: While they don’t sting or bite, they do leave foodborne illnesses like E. Coli around your home.

In short, fruit flies won’t kill you, but they are annoying. Avoid summer fruit flies with some home remedies that are quick and easy!

What do fruit flies like?

They are drawn to anything that is sweet—be it fruit, beer, wine, candy, desserts, etc. Because of their sugar addiction, they will go to any means possible to find their favorite food. They will look through your trash, compost, sink (and even go down the drain) and recycling bins. However, implementing regular household chores can reduce the risks of a fruit fly infestation in your house.

Wash your produce

Before storing your fresh produce, inspect and wash it. There may be some eggs or larvae in the fruit’s crevices which only become noticeable as soon as they are clean. After washing your produce, consider storing it in your refrigerator. Doing this not only slows down the ripening process: It also prevents fruit flies from latching onto your food because it’s too cold for them to survive in the fridge.

Cleans efficiently

Fruit flies are persistent and fast when it comes to finding food. As mentioned before, they will go to any means possible to accommodate their sugar addition. Even if you only spill one drop of juice, they will often flock to it. Once you’re done in the kitchen, clean your countertops, kitchen appliances, and dishes.

An important area for cleaning is the kitchen sink. Bits of food can get stuck in the drains; it is good practice to clean and rinse your waste after each time you use your kitchen. This will not only rid him of any fruit fly problem: It will also help keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Avoid summer fruit flies with these tips

There are many other ways to reduce your chances of a fruit fly infestation, but the ones listed above are just to get you started. If you see even just one fruit fly, you may already have an infestation hiding under your nose.

If this happens, of course implement the household cleaning previously listed – but also Contact Us! Vulcan Termite & Pest Control wants you to feel confident that your home is pest and insect free. We look forward to connecting with you about ways to avoid summer fruit flies and other annoying pests.

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