Long-term and extensive apartment renovations at The Avalon Apartments in Denver have left tenants living in a construction zone. Residents at the complex tell CBS4 that many of them were left with 5-foot trenches in their homes.

The property management team sent residents a letter saying they will begin replacing a water main starting Monday, and those repairs could last until Aug. 1. Rocio Chanez said her once cozy living room is now uninhabitable.

“I’m scared, and I’m also worried. We can’t live like this.” said Rocio Chanez, a tenant at the complex. “A lot of mice and rats were coming out, and the drainage was broken, and it started to smell so bad.”



Chanez and several other residents told CBS4 the management team didn’t offer many accommodations to residents. The Avalon Apartments are owned by the Echelon Property Group. CBS4 did reach out to community manager Paola Corado about the issues, but she declined to comment on the situation.

“They offered us another apartment, but only to use the bathroom, not to move out or stay there,” Chanez said.

Jace Brandl was on vacation when the management team entered his apartment without his permission earlier this week. He said they moved his furniture to dig out the pipe from under his house.

“When they left, they left my doors open,” Brandl said. “There is smoke, dust, smoke and the noise everywhere.”

Those concerns prompted the city and county of Denver to investigate, which led them to issue a “stop work order” on Thursday for not having proper permits. The City’s Department of Public Health and Environment was also called in to investigate the rat infestation and other concerns.



“My neighbors and I do not feel impressed by how the management handled it,” said Brandl.

A DDPHE spokesperson sent CBS4 this statement about the complex saying:

“DDPHE conducted an investigation at this property today. During the investigation, the plumbing was functioning, but there were large holes exposed plumbing pipes covered by wooden planks that did not appear safe or sturdy. Therefore, DDPHE issued a Notice of Violation ordering property management company to restore property floor to a condition that is in good condition and in good repair In addition, property management company is issued orders to clean and disinfect any affected areas due to construction dust once construction is complete . Although DDPHE did not observe any signs of rodents, due to the extensive construction activity and numerous holes that could allow access to pests, we required property management to begin pest control.”

Chanez and Brandl are now hoping for a solution that puts an end to this construction nightmare.

“I would like them to put us in a hotel or a place to stay until they are done with this problem,” Chanez said.

On Friday, after CBS4 began asking questions, Judy Blaes, the senior vice president of the Echelon Property Group, finally responded to our requests, saying the team is working to provide accommodations for residents, such as moving them to new apartments and get them hotel accommodation. through the weekend. Around 19:00 on Friday, a resident did confirm that the team finally agreed to put them in a hotel until at least Monday.

The City and Province also require that the management team here obtain all the necessary permits before they can proceed with construction work.

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