Wilmington, NC (WWAY)– They’re small, slimy insects commonly found in bathrooms, and if you’re seeing more of the pests known as earwigs, there’s a reason why.

Experts say recent dry conditions have caused earwigs to find their way into many homes in the Cape Fear.

Earworms are attracted to moisture and cannot survive when it is dry.

“Earworms can be somewhat of a seasonal insect. While the main thing you’re going to see them in your home with is moisture. The main thing to bring them into your home is moisture. If you have a lot of pine straw and mulch around your house has, it all brings grounds for tabs to be in. They eat organic matter, so anything related to that.” Joseph Barba, End Game Exterminators Owner said.

These bugs can crawl through the smallest cracks and climb great heights.

Earworms are a year-round scourge of the Cape Fear. However, Kevin Snyder, owner of Do It Yourself Pest Control, says he sees more people coming in looking for pest solutions during the humid summer months.

“I see a lot of people; I do see a lot with earplugs. When it gets warm this time of year, and the humidity, I do see an increase. I do see a lot of wigs when it gets really hot and humid. It just really seems this time of year, they’re here.”

To keep these pests away, professionals suggest you avoid using pine straw and mulch around your home, seal plumbing fixtures, and treat the exterior of your home properly.

A product you can buy to help control earwax is Demon WP. Individuals have also seen positive results from spreading Borax along baseboards.

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