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Environmentally friendly pest control or green pest control is an integrated pest control strategy that addresses and resolves pest problems while minimising dangerous impacts on people, wildlife and the planet. Green pest solutions mean the use of non-toxic methods to exterminate pests such as ants, cockroaches and mice. Depending on the type of pest being controlled, other environmentally friendly pest control techniques can be used as an alternative to conventional chemical treatments.

However, the use of strong pesticides cannot guarantee that pests will disappear in the household. This means that you need to hire a specialist to apply environmentally friendly pest control to solve problems at home and in your business. Here are some simple and eco-friendly tips to keep the large amount of pests that are ready to keep your treats away from you at bay.

The goal of using pesticides is to rid you of the parasitic relationship you have with pests. By ants, silverfish, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, praying mantis and crane flies weeding out your home, you can help reduce the critter population by feeding on insect pests. Burning candles that smell of essential oils are not only a great centrepiece for your backyard barbecue, but can also pack pests for the night (or at least the party).

Environmentally friendly solutions that focus on pest removal or prevention using an integrated pest management approach (IPM) should be the number one choice. The use of environmentally-friendly techniques to control pests is safer for you, your family and your animals at home. Here are some established green pest control guidelines that use a holistic approach to take into account when implementing an environmentally friendly pest control program, whether it is a home or a business.

One type of substance used by certain environmentally friendly pest control services is, for example, the use of microbes that paralyse the larvae’s digestive system in order not to attack beneficial insects. Chemicals that can kill pests are used in the production of chemical pesticides. They can make the pest sick, but because the specific target pest does not harm beneficial insects, they are less toxic to mammals.

In most cases, it can be tempting to use chemicals when faced with a pest infestation at home. However, you need to look at the use of safe and reduced pesticide practices in your home. You can ask the pest control society if it is a green or biological pest control service, which means that it has the types of methods and materials that are used for pest control.

Visit the companies that offer non-toxic, natural, organic, safe, environmentally friendly and chemical-free pest control websites and read as much consumer reviews as possible. Also talk to neighbors who have purchased green pest control services for their homes.

Our main objective is to use preventive strategies to drive pests out of the house. One of our local P-specialists offers you possibilities for long-term, low-impact pest control.

It is used by a exterminator who focuses on a specific target area and uses the product needed to eradicate the pest (more on this below). We take a look at the house and the surroundings of the area where the pest invades and close it off. We are also looking for possible food and water sources where the pest could gather and exterminate.

Professionals are trained in pest biology and behaviour and know your type of pest to ensure that the best control method is selected for your needs.

There are many types of insects that are not considered pests but can still contribute to your garden or landscape, and pest control is something you do not want to do. There are a whole range of biological options that are specific to certain pests and others.

Organic pest control products offer an excellent alternative to chemical pest control which is environmentally conscious and uses 100% natural ingredients to protect human, domestic and environmental health. Natural pest control products have gained popularity in recent years, producing new natural and organic products that are safer, more effective and more professional than chemically produced products.

Eliminating pests such as insects and spiders usually means using hard chemicals to alleviate the problem. Insects and other pests that absorb chemicals are often eaten by birds and other animals when the chemicals are absorbed. Today, there are a variety of green pest solutions that exterminators can use that are not toxic or dangerous.

Pesticides can not only pose a health problem, but also damage other living organisms in the home. The effectiveness of these toxic pesticides has yet to be proven, and not all insects die from them.

Based on the perspective of providing green pest control services, products are produced from earth-based materials such as boreates, desiccants, dust (such as diatoms and silica), botanical insecticides and pesticides classified by the EPA as class 25B (EPA exempts materials from use). Products in this category, which includes essential oils and plants, kill pests on contact, but they have their limits and may not solve persistent pest problems and may have little or no residual effect on pests.

Pest control technicians will discuss these options with the property owner and obtain approval to use the product as a certified green pest solution. If you recognize this, you can use a control method that influences the pest in question. If, for example, no chemical treatment is required and the product poses a low risk to the environment, heavy killing of the target pest can be used

Create and enhance the appearance of your garden by controlling pests and diseases. The aim is to treat the outer perimeter of the house to keep pests away, but not to bring the product inside.

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