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Wintertime in the South brings more than just holiday cheer and cooler temperatures—it also brings a break from the many bugs we encounter during the warmer months (and can even act as a natural pest control)! But what actually happens to these bugs? They don’t just disappear. Keep reading to learn more about where bugs in the winter.

Winter: The most natural pest control out there!

Insects, no matter what stage of life they are in, are really good at surviving. They use a number of different strategies to get through the cold weather and into spring. Here are some of the most common methods they use:

Cold resistance

The simplest way some insects survive the cold is that the cold doesn’t bother them at all! For example, honeybees will huddle together for warmth throughout the winter. Spiders can also withstand low temperatures! Some bugs will still seek warm shelter (like your house!), but this is not always necessary.

Seek shelter

Speaking of warm shelter, many insects will find isolated spaces in or around your home to wait out the winter. piles of leaves, stacked woodor even under snow are places where you can find bugs hiding when the weather turns cold.


Did you know some insects migrate for the winter just like birds do? Insects such as butterflies and some species of dragonflies do this at the first hint of colder weather. They will find a warmer place to vacation until spring comes!


Some insects have the uncanny ability to freeze themselves into a kind of hibernation, to thaw out and resume activity when the weather warms up. This is possible thanks to glycerol in their blood. If you ever come across an insect that looks dead, it may actually just be frozen for the winter!


It is not unusual for some insects to lay eggs immediately after. When it comes to insect species like this, it’s the eggs that have the ability to survive the cold—not the adults. When warmer weather returns, the eggs hatch and find their own mates!

Do you see insects in your home?

While winter is an excellent natural pest control outdoors, it doesn’t always keep the bugs away indoors. Many types of insects will migrate indoors once the cold weather hits. After all, your house is warm, dry and full of food! There are many things you can do to discourage pests from taking up residence in your home, but sometimes you need to call the professionals. If you experience a winter infestation, contact profesional pest control company.

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