Pat Sullivan sets you up with tools and strategies to keep mosquitoes out of your yard for the rest of the summer.

INDIANAPOLIS – Every summer rainstorm increases the likelihood of a mosquito invasion in your backyard.

Even this late in the summer, Pat Sullivan of Sullivan Hardware and Garden said you should expect to deal with the pesky insects when you go outside as late as October.

This week on 13Sunrise, Sullivan offered advice on keeping the bugs away, especially with rain in the forecast.

First, dumping any standing water around your yard reduces the number of places where mosquitoes can nest and lay eggs. They can lay eggs in an area as small as a bottle cap, so clogged gutters, birdbaths or any standing water source invite mosquitoes.

When hunting, mosquitoes hone in on humans based on odors from breath (carbon dioxide), sweat, or colognes and scented lotions.

When a pest control company sprays to prevent mosquitoes, Sullivan said they use other smells to distract the pests. “They spray combinations of garlic, citronella, clove oil,” Sullivan explained, “and it confuses the senses of the mosquito, so they don’t kind of track in your area.”

Sullivan said burning citronella, either in a torch or candle, will work well to keep mosquitoes away from your patio.

“People always want to plant citronello plants,” Sullivan said. But they will not be as effective if the leaves are not crushed to release more scent.

You can spray any number of over-the-counter insecticide products, but if you’d rather use a more environmentally friendly repellent, Sullivan said a product made with clove oil, garlic oil and citronella is organic and safer.

Watch Sullivan’s full 13Sunrise segment in the video player.

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