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Can you believe that another summer has come and gone? Time really flies, especially when you’re having fun. Now that the summer months are coming to an end, the new school year is ready to get us back into the swing of things.

Back-to-school shopping and other errands that need to be completed before kids head back to school can start to add up, but it’s important not to forget about pests. Every year there are tons of pests that can come into contact with your child and even enter the house. Below are some bugs you need to know about inadvertently invited into your homeand it should be on your list of pest prevention.


Ever heard of the phrase “sharing is caring?” For lice they definitely share; however, there is no sense of care in their actions. Lice are easily passed from one person to another and are extremely itchy, so if your child has hats, brushes and hair ties, encourage them to keep them to themselves to prevent spreading.


While ants are pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things, they sure bite and make you itchy. Ants love to eat—and will eat any crumbs they come across. If your child eats, make sure you clean up after them as much as possible. This means cleaning lunch boxes as soon as they get home to reduce the risk of an ant infestation. Plus, the easiest way to prevent ants from sneaking into snacks is to seal up food tightly!


Sports bags and equipment are often the most common places where spiders hide and drive home from school. Why? This is because they are often thrown on a gym or locker room floor or a grass field. Spiders always find a way into small spaces; for this reason, it is important to clean your child’s sports bags and equipment regularly to ensure that spiders do not infest your home.


Have you ever heard of silverfish? Maybe not, but we’ll give you the 411. Silverfish are tiny, wingless insects that won’t bite you—but will destroy your home. They are chewing insects and will surely eat through any (and all) of your belongings.

When your kids come home from college, their belongings are usually stored in the basement during the summer to get them out of sight. Basements are often dark – and sometimes damp – which is a perfect condition for silverfish to inhabit. Be sure to check anything you’ve stored in the basement to ensure a silverfish infestation doesn’t follow your child to college.

Contact us for pest prevention

The information above is just a few of the pests that can cause problems for your family during the school year. If you have questions about these pests and others, Contact Us! It’s true that we’re just one call away from answering your questions and coming out to service your home for pest prevention.

We don’t want you to have any back-to-school problems, especially because of pesky pests. We are ready to help you get rid of pest problems!

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