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For some people, often children, summer means warm weather, no school, and flowers in full bloom! As children go outside to play during the summer holidays, bugs follow suit and come out to play too. Summer bug catching is the best way to learn all about insects—their characteristics, colors, sizes, and more. This activity is a simple and fun way to keep learning even when school is not in session.

Keep reading to learn about some of the summer bugs you and your kids can catch this summer!


Butterflies are one of the influencers of pollination. Pollinating flowers and other plants keep various ecosystems active. You’ll be able to see all kinds of butterflies—such as the American lady, the clouded swallow, and the eastern blue-tailed butterflies—throughout meadows, fields, parks, and even in your garden or yard!

Catch butterflies carefully using a butterfly net. Just wait for a butterfly to land and catch them (gently)! You and your kids will love looking at their beautiful wing patterns and design.


There are many types of beetles that vary in size, shape and color. A ladybug is a member of the beetle family widely recognized for its red and black spotted bodies. Not only are ladybugs a sign of good luck: They also play an important role in the ecosystem. As predators, they eliminate unwanted pests that can infect your garden.

Like butterflies, you can catch them gently by using a butterfly net.


More likely than not, you’ve heard the chirping of crickets in your backyard during warm summer evenings. While the noise can often be harmonized with crickets, crickets are found in fields and backyards across the US.

Did you know that males chirp to attract females, but—once you’re close—they go silent? Crickets also contribute to the ecosystem by eating weeds such as crabgrass, which can be quite invasive.

Pro tip: If you leave a soda bottle out overnight that still has a sip of the drink inside, crickets will flock to the sweetness and latch on to the sugar. Catching crickets is very easy and fun!


There’s nothing more Hallmark-y than a summer night filled with firefly catching! This activity is fun for people of all ages, and can brighten up any warm evening—literally! The chemical reaction that takes place in a firefly’s abdomen causes a yellow-green glow to appear. Not only are these summer bugs beautiful: They are also predators that eat the larvae of snails, slugs and earthworms. It is beneficial to the ecosystem by keeping it in balance.

Catch them in mason jars, but be sure to poke holes in the lid to allow oxygen in so the little critters can breathe.

Having fun catching summer bugs

We strongly encourage you to spend time outdoors this summer and play with your children by catching summer bugs. Keep your eyes open as the list above is not exhaustive and only a fraction of the insects that are in your backyard ready to be caught.

However, keep in mind that too many bugs can become a nuisance. If you feel that there is an increase in the number of bugs in your backyard, contact us at Vulcan Termite & Pest Control to schedule an appointment. We want you to enjoy your summer without worrying about a pest infestation!

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