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It’s August, summer is winding down, and school is back in session. Where did all the time go? Despite summer approaching the end of the season, the heat isn’t going away anytime soon. And neither are summer insects.

Unfortunately, late summer weeks are prime time for bugs like cockroaches, spiders and other insects to nest and breed. Read on for more.


It is often said cockroaches are the only thing that can survive after an apocalypse, and this is because of their need to consume water only once a week. They usually get their water source from highly humid areas, and when it’s hot, it’s also humid. Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall increase during August and early September, especially in the southern parts of the US. These conditions contribute to humidity levels.

To lower your risk of a cockroach infestation, be on the lookout for water sources and cut them off as soon as possible. Clean up your kitchen by putting leftovers either in the trash or in your refrigerator. Fix any kind of crack or hole that could be contributing to a water leak. These are just a few ideas, but they will definitely help!


For whatever reason, August and September are peak breeding months for spiders. Therefore, these two months are the worst for spider infestation! Additionally, spiders will enter your home through cracks and holes to find food and shelter – preparing them for the colder fall and winter months.

Again, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of a spider infestation, including sealing all visible cracks, crevices, and holes that are in or around your home. Make an appointment to spray for other indoor pests so spiders will have fewer things to prey on in your home.

Other Insects

For insects like wasps and yellow jackets, the end of summer means it’s their best time to gather food and protect their hive—all to prepare their queen for fall and winter. Because fall and winter have shorter daylight hours, the window to gather food is less. For this reason, they take any opportunity to snack on delicious food such as fruit, meat and even something sweet, including ice cream, soft drinks, wine and more.

If you keep your windows and doors closed, there is little to no chance of a wasp or yellow jacket entering your home. The biggest risk of being stung will be if you leave a large number of foods—whether leftovers from a dinner party or an ice cream parlor—on your outdoor patio. Less food available means less chance for wasps and yellow jackets to attack.

Keep your home free of summer insects

While there are some home remedies that can be done to reduce the chance of a summer bug infestation, you are much better off contact a professional pest control service like Vulcan Termite & Pest Control.

We are happy to provide a quote for our quality pest control services. If you have any questions about summer insects that may be trying to infiltrate your home, give us a call. We look forward to connecting with you and serving you.

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