What causes fly infestations in commercial spaces?

Different types of flies are all attracted to commercial buildings for the same primary reasons: a constant food supply and a warm, moist environment for breeding. Once they gain a foothold in your business, the rapid reproduction cycle can make it difficult to get rid of flies.

Some of the things that can attract flies to your property include:

  • Garbage: Flies are commonly associated with muddy environments. Dirty garbage cans with overflowing garbage provide an ideal breeding ground for various types of flies.
  • Food waste: One employee leaving their food crumbs on the break room counter is enough to attract flies to the commercial space. Businesses that handle food, such as restaurants, handle larger amounts of waste, which serves as an excellent food source for various flies.
  • Dirty drains: Drain flies breed in sewers and waste lines, where the maggots turn into flies. The larvae feed in the bacterial manure and decaying material in the side drains.
  • Animal carcasses: A dead animal inside your commercial property can also attract death flies. To avoid an escalating fly problem, constantly inspect your surroundings for dead vermin such as rats and mice.
  • Heat: Flies breed faster in warm and moist environments. The heat emitted by your building can attract flies that want to reproduce.

Paying attention to the conditions that attract flies can help prevent the spread of a fly infestation within your premises.

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