Because of chemicals like cypermethrin and prallethrin used in Raid, breathing in these toxic fumes can cause serious problems to your lungs and airways, leading to coughing, nausea and wheezing – and if it comes into contact with your skin, burns and itching, warns Safety. In rare cases, they can cause cardiac arrest and paralysis. In small children, if inhaled in large quantities, the vapors may cause central nervous system problems.

Your pets aren’t doing much better either; they can develop the same health problems we can from inhaling Raid, but they can tolerate even less. Even having Raid on our hands while petting them can cause problems for your pets. If they groom themselves afterwards, they will ingest the chemicals, potentially making them sick.

If you has to use it, House Trick says to leave the room with the door closed for 15 minutes and once that time is up, to have proper ventilation in place, open all windows and doors. Then ideally wait another two hours before allowing family members or pets to enter.

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